Who works at Habilitering & Hälsa? (Vilka jobbar på habiliteringen)

Svensk version av sidan

Here you can read about which professions are available at the out-patient clinics within habilitation. The text written in an easy to read language (lättläst).

Occupational therapist

An occupational therapist can help you make daily activities in everyday life work better. Together you can find new ways to do things that will enable you to do more on your own. We can help you with smart tools for both the body and the brain. For example, programs on your computer that can read out text, or watches that help you be on time.


A physiotherapist is very knowledgeable about the body. You can practice different movements with the physiotherapist. The aim can be to get stronger or to get a better balance. Some people need to exercise to be in less pain, or because they want to cope with more on their own. Sometimes you will need a device..


A counselor knows a lot about what help you can get from the community. You or someone in your family may need advice or support when things change in life. It can be at school during adolescence or in adulthood. You may need support when contacting government agencies or in relationships. The counselor is good at listening and helping. 

Speech therapist

A speech therapist can help find alternative ways to communicate. There are many ways to show others what you want, think and feel. You can use the spoken language, sign language or images. A speech therapist will help you find the right tools and give tips on how to practice with them. A speech therapist can also be helpful if you have problems with eating and swallowing.


You can talk about your thoughts and feelings about yourself with a psychologist. A psychologist is good at listening, even when the topic feels hard and difficult. You decide what you want to talk about. Relatives may also need to talk to a psychologist. A psychologist can also help you with medical investigations.

Special education teacher

A special education teacher works with making it easier to learn new things. It may be with the help of toys or something else that makes it easier to focus. The special education teacher can make learning fun. Together you can figure out which way works best for you. The special education teacher can also make sure that it works both at home and at school.