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Wennberg, B., Janeslätt, G., Gustafsson, P., & Kjellberg, A. Occupational performance goals and outcomes of time-related interventions for children with ADHD" Manuscript DOI: 10.1080/11038128.2020.1820570 Journal: Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy.
H&H: Wennberg, B.

Thorell, L., Tilling, H., & Sjöwall, D. Emotion dysregulation in adult ADHD: Introducing the Comprehensive Emotion Regulation Inventory (CERI). Journal of clinical and experimental neuropsychology. 2020 Aug: 747-758.
H&H: Sjöwall, D.

Långh, U., Perry, A., Eikeseth, S., Bölte. S. Quality of Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention as a Predictor of Children's Outcome. Behav Modif. 2020 May 21;145445520923998. doi: 10.1177/0145445520923998.
H&H: Långh, U.

Rajalin, M., Hirvikoski, T., Salander Renberg, E., Åsberg, M., Jokinen, J. Exposure to Early Life Adversity and Interpersonal Functioning in Suicide Attempters. Frontiers in Psychiatry (accepted).
H&H: Hirvikoski, T.

Hirvikoski, T., Lajic, S., Jokinen, J., Renhorn, E., Kadesjö, B., Trillingsgaard, A., Gillberg, C., Borg, J. Using the Five to Fifteen Collateral Informant Questionnaire for Retrospective Assessment of Childhood Symptoms in Adults with and without Autism or ADHD. (Eur Child Adoles Psych, accepted).
H&H: Hirvikoski, T. och Renhorn, E.

Zakirova Engstrand, R., Hirvikoski, T. Westling Allodi, M., Roll Pettersson, L. Culturally diverse families of young children with ASD in Sweden: Parental explanatory models. (PLOS One, accepted).
H&H: Zakirova Engstrand, R. och Hirvikoski, T.

Messina, V., Hirvikoski, T., Nordström, A., Lajic, S. Good overall behavioural adjustment and positive mental wellbeing in children and adolescents with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (Endocrine, accepted).
H&H: Hirvikoski, T.

Messina, V., Karlsson, L., Hirvikoski, T., Nordenström, A., Lajic, S. Effects of pre- and postnatal glucocorticoid exposure on the cognitive function of children and adolescents with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, accepted).
H&H:Hirvikoski, T.

Prevedini, A., Holmberg Bergman, T., Berg, B, Miselli, G., Pergolizzi, F., Hirvikoski, T., Moderato, P. ACT based interventions for reducing psychological distress in parents and caregivers of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. European Journal of Behavior Analysis, 2020.
H&H: Holmberg Bergman, T, Berg, B, Hirvikoski, T.

Zakirova Engstrand, R., Roll Pettersson, L., Westling Allodi, M., Hirvikoski, T. Needs of grandparents of preschool-aged children with ASD in Sweden. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 2020 Jun;50(6):1941-1957.
H&H: Zakirova Engstrand, R, Hirvikoski, T.

Richter, A., Lornudd, C., von Thiele Schwarz, U., Lundmark, R., Mosson, R., Eskner-Skoger, U., Hirvikoski, T., Hasson, H. iLead- Evaluation of a generic implementation leadership intervention. BMJ Open, 2020, 10(1):e033227. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-033227.
H&H: Hirvikoski. T.

Hirvikoski, T., Boman, M., Chen, Q., D’Onofrio, B., Mittendorfer-Rutz, E., Lichtenstein, P., Bölte, S. Larsson, H. Individual Risk and Familial Liability for Suicide Attempt and Suicide in Autism: A Population Based Study. Psychological Medicine, 2020 Jul;50(9):1463-1474
H&H: Hirvikoski, T:


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H&H: Ehn, M

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H&H: Långh U.

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H&H: Mahdi, S.

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H&H: Mahdi, S.

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H&H: Sjöwall, D.

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H&H: Sjöwall, D.

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H&H: Sjöwall, D.

Sjöwall, D., & Thorell. Neuropsychological deficits in relation to ADHD symptoms, quality of life and Daily life functioning in Young adulthood. Applied Neuropsychology: Adult. In press
H&H: Sjöwall, D.

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H&H: Renhorn, E, Backman, A, Hirvikoski, T.

Johnsson, U., Coco, C., Fridell, A., Brown, S., Berggren, S., Hirvikoski, T., Bölte, S. Proof of Concept: the TRANSITION Program for Emerging Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Scandinavian Journal Occupational Therapy 2019 Dec (1):1-13.
H&H: Hirvikoski, T.

Brück, E, Larsson, J.W., Lasselin, J., Bottai, M., Hirvikoski, T., Sackey, P., Eberhardson, M., Olofsson, P.S. Lack of correlation between subjective and objective cognitive function in ICU-survivors: a prospective 12-months follow-up study. Critical Care, 2019 Jul 12;23(1):253.
H&H: Hirvikoski, T.

Kooj, S., … Hirvikoski, T., & al (European Network Adult ADHD). Updated European Consensus Statement on Diagnosis and Treatment of Adult ADHD. European Psychiatry, 2019, 56:14-34.
H&H: Hirvikoski, T.