When you turn 18 - come of age (När du blir myndig)

Svensk version av sidan

This information is about medical services when coming of age. The text is written in an easy to read language (lättläst).

Decide for yourself

When you turn 18 years old, you will come of age. You can decide things for yourself. You can take care of your money. You can contact your healthcare provider.

It can be great to decide for yourself. But there is a lot to think about. If you can't manage it all on your own, you can receive help and support.

Coming of age will be easier if you prepare. Start talking to your parents or other adults in time before you turn 18.

Seek care

You must seek care yourself and decide what care you want. You have the right to understand everything concerning your care. Ask staff to explain if you don't understand.

Even if you have been at a habilitation clinic (habiliteringscenter) before, you will have a bigger responsibility in initiating appointments with us. You will switch to a habilitation centre for adults. We can help you to find the right care service if you need to seek other health care.

Your parents can help you if you want. You can give your parents Power of attorney, permission, to read your medical records or book appointments. This may also apply to contacts with the school. A power of attorney is only valid for as long as you want it to be.

If you have many contacts with both the municipality and healthcare services, you are entitled to a SIP, a Coordinated Individual Plan. In such cases the different caregivers meet in one meeting to talk to each other and make planning easier for you.

Contact person (kontaktperson)

If you need more help, you can apply for a contact person (kontaktperson). For example, a Kontaktperson can:

  • pay bills and manage your finances
  • have contact with your care
  • have contact with the municipality
  • find activities
  • apply for grants and allowances.

You are in charge of your finances and your care. Parents can also be Kontaktperson. But they can also be other persons you trust.

If you want a Kontaktperson, you should contact the municipality (stadsdel/kommun) where you are living. You can ask us at the habilitation clinics about how to apply.

Talk to someone

It can be exciting to grow up! And it is important that you can cope with your feelings concerning your disability. Do you need to talk to someone about everything that is going on?  Ask for a counselor at the habilitation clinic, at a health centre or a youth out-patient clinic.