For parents about habilitation (För föräldrar om habilitering)

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Habilitering & Hälsa (Habilitation & Health) provides support and assistance to children with a disability. We also provide support to you as a parent and to other relatives. Here we describe how it is done. The text is written in an easy to read language (lättläst).

About habilitation

Habilitering & Hälsa works with children who have different disabilities. It can be autism, acquired brain damage, intellectual disability, mobility impairment or deafblindness.

The habilitation clinics work to help the children feel well about their disability and to cope with things on their own. As much as possible.

Many children have received a referral from a doctor or a psychologist. As a parent, you can also apply for habilitation for your child.

When we have received a referral or application, you as the child's parent will receive a letter with an invitation to one of our habilitation clinics (habiliteringscenter).

Habilitation services are free of charge.

This is what you can get help with

The habilitation clinics can help with various things. Together we will agree on what help you will get. Habilitering & Hälsa works with these areas:

  • knowledge of disability
  • a functioning everyday life
  • health and lifestyle habits
  • motor skills and mobility
  • breathing and swallowing
  • pain and sensory impressions
  • language and communication
  • relationships and socialising with others
  • community support
  • problematic behaviours
  • school, work and employment
  • support for relatives.

We cooperate with others in healthcare services, pre-school or school if necessary.

Habilitering & Hälsa can not prescribe medicines. We know who and where you can contact forhelp if you need it.

This is how we provide support

You can meet us or recieve support in different ways. It can be:

  • in courses or groups with others
  • at our habilitation clinics
  • at your home
  • at preschool or school
  • Via telephone calls or video calls.

Information for the child

It is important that Your child is informed about their disability. The child also needs to know what the habilitation clinics will contribute with.

Your child should be allowed to say what he or she thinks about their habilitation. The older the child gets, the more the child can be involved in planning their own habilitation.

Your roll as a parent

As a parent, you are important for your child's habilitation. You know your child, andare aware of your childs difficulties. You will also be an important part in supporting the child with, for example, training or using devices.

How are you coping with the situation? Habilitering & Hälsa offers psychological support for you. . You can talk to us about how you are feeling. You can also join a parent group.

Confidentiality and medical records

The staff at our habilitation clinic have a duty of confidentiality. This means that we are not allowed to talk to anybody else about your child, unless you give your consent to do so.

All care you receive must be documented in your childs medical record. You can read your child's medical records until your child turns 12 years old.


If you do not speak Swedish, you can have an interpreter present when you meet us. Please inform the person you are going to meet at the habilitation clinic if you need it.

Tell us what you think

If you are not satisfied with our services, we would like you to tell us. You can also help us to improve.