For children and adolescents about habilitation (För barn och ungdomar om habilitering)

Svensk version av sidan

Welcome to Habilitering & Hälsa (Habilitation & Health). We provide support and assistance to children with disability. The text is written in an easy to read language (lättläst).

The habilitation clinics (habiliteringscenter) offers help you and your family if you have autism, intellectual disability, or mobility impairment.

The staff at Habilitering & Hälsa are experts on disabilities. We know about all sorts of things that make life at home and at school easier.

What can the habilitation clinics help you with?

The habilitation clinics can help you with different things. Here are some examples of what you can practice or get help with:

  • remembering things
  • time management
  • finding fun things to do in your free time
  • driving a wheelchair
  • training your body
  • understanding emotions
  • relaxing
  • sleeping better
  • saying or showing what you want
  • gain more self-confidence.

When we meet you for the first time, we ask you what you want to do or get better at. You can meet us alone or with your parents. Sometimes we meet with others children with similar disabilities.

Your rights

The Convention on the Rights of the Child is a law in Sweden. The law states that adults should think about what is best for children and adolescents. They need to listen to what the children have to say.

You can ask an adult to explain if you do not understand. You have the right to speak up if something feels wrong.

We are not allowed to tell anyone about you. It is called confidentiality.

What do you want to tell others?

It can be important to decide how to talk about your disability. Do you want to tell the whole class at school? Or just your best friend? Or no one? What words do you want to use?

At the habilitation clinics we can help you to practice what to say.