Habilitation & Health

Habilitation & Health (Habilitering och Hälsa) offers advice, support and treatment to children and adults with a permanent disability. This may include intellectual disability, autism spectrum diagnosis, mobility impairments, deaf- or blindness and acquired brain injury. We also provide advice and support to relatives and staff in the child or adult’s immediate environment. The aim of Habilitation & Health is also to raise awareness about disabilities.

Why habilitation?

Habilitation contributes to preventing and reducing difficulties resulting from a disability. Habilitation’s goal is to create the best possible conditions for independent living and participation in society.

What services?

Habilitation, may for example, support an individual to develop their motor skills and/or language and communication skills. With the help of a therapist, one can try out different tools, strategies and exercises to find good ways to take care of their home and their day-to-day life. We also offer advice on other community support services. Habilitation is free of charge for patients and relatives.

The needs of the patient, in focus

The needs of the patient and a professional assessment determines the starting point for the course of action to be taken, which can be either individual, occur in groups or as a course. An important criteria in treatment is that the patient is directly involved in the planning of their own habilitation. A prerequisite for planning a course of action is a good working relationship with the patient’s family members and other healthcare givers.

Evidence-based practice

Habilitation therapies need to be based on evidence-based practice. This involves a combination of proven experience, research results, the patient’s own experience and what is practically possible to implement.

Clinics and professions

Habilitation & Health has over 30 clinics - habilitation centres and specialised clinics - that are all over Stockholm County. The prevalent professions working within Habilitation include occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists, social workers and special educators that work with patients. Each year we receive more than 18,000 patients. Habilitation & Health is part of the Stockholm County Council.


Our query service answers questions about habilitation, our clinics and community support to persons with disabilities. 08-123 350 10, weekdays 8:30 to 16:30

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