Councelling, support and treatment

Habilitation Services (Habilitering & Hälsa) encompass a range of services offered by Stockholm County Council. We run habilitation centres and teams throughout the county. We also have several supplementary habilitation clinics, residential care centres and information and knowledge centres.

Our job is to make life easier for people with disabilities and make it possible for them to play an active part in society. We therefore offer counselling, support and treatment to children, young people and adults with disabilities, including learning disabilities, autism, mobility impairments, impaired hearing and vision, and acquired brain damage. We also provide support to relatives.

We look at all aspects of life

Those who come to us receive expert help from occupational therapists, counsellors/social workers, speech therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists and special education teachers, who all work together to combine medical, psychological, social and educational perspectives.

Help can take the form of counselling, support and treatment of those with disabilities to improve motor skills, mental health, language abilities and social skills. We can also help to improve the individual’s opportunities to communicate and interact with others.

Our work may also involve making sure that the individual’s environment is as enabling as possible. In some cases, their home or some other environment may need to be adapted to meet their specific needs. We work with staff at preschools, schools, workplaces and residential care centres to adapt environments and activities based on the individual’s capabilities. We also prescribe assistive technology that can facilitate mobility, make it easier to carry out everyday tasks and aid communication.

Parents and relatives are also offered psychosocial support at our habilitation centres and by our habilitation teams. We provide information and training on the disability and its consequences, plus information on the support from social services available.

In addition, we offer information, counselling, consultation and training to staff working closely with the individual.